La hacienda Bar & Grill is one of the most popular restaurants  near

in the area serving Mexican Traditional Food.

We have a very nice atmosphere for family and friends.



Our meals are traditional

home-style meals from across Mexico with a great influence of tastes.

At La Hacienda Bar & Grill  you will experienced the greatest food, and our very famous Margaritas including a  magnificent selection of drinks, beer and wine.


There is not place other than La Hacienda Bar & Grill  where you can find  original mexican flavor.

Our chefs are professionals of the Mexican cuisine.

Come to enjoy dinner with all your family and friends.


Explore Traditional Mexican Food.

We cook with passion to give you a real taste of Mexican dishes.

Every day we choose the better quality meat, the freshest vegetables and all the ingredients to provide  you  with the original taste and authentic Mexican      food.

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